What’s Trending?: Axe Throwing at VanIsle Axe

Okay, so maybe it’s not that popular yet, but once a bunch of social media savvy university students go axe throwing, you know it will be on people’s radar.

So, today I went with my Internship Prep class to go axe throwing at VanIsle Axe in Nanoose, BC.


Result: I cannot recommend this activity enough!

At the start, I was very confused as to why this was our class activity; however, I left VanIsle Axe with a new insight. Axe throwing is not only fun and new, but stress relieving, empowering and energizing while creating a very supportive vibe amongst all participants. I left feeling a sense of strength and had developed a desire to push myself out of my comfort zone. Lastly, as a class, I left feeling like I had developed new friendships in just an hour.

Therefore, whether you are with a group of friends, a club, co-workers, or even by yourself, there is value in doing something new like axe throwing!

Not to mention, the owner and staff of VanIsle Axe were so welcoming, humorous and helpful, while creating a very safe environment.

VanIsle Axe has many ways in which you can participate in axe throwing, such as drop-ins, leagues, and bookings! Take advantage of this neat opportunity and support a great business!

Website link: VanIsle Axe

What’s Trending?: Hammocking

On Vancouver Island, the trend of hammocking has exploded. People come in large groups and will hang hammocks off anything, anywhere, at any time​. These hammocks are very reasonably priced and easy to find. The best part about it, you get to hang with friends, relax and get outdoors. What could be better?


I recently got a hammock for my birthday and had to go try it out. A friend and I set our hammocks up over top of one another at Nanaimo’s Neck Point​ Park. The area overlooking​ the bay in the back of the park is a hot spot for hammockers. Within half an hour of being there, we had three other people join us in their hammocks.

Most trends are not all they are cracked up to be… but let me tell ya… after about five minutes I was so relaxed I was about to fall asleep (as you can see, I was ready to fall asleep in that picture).

I loved this evening activity so much that I bought a double hammock for my boyfriend’s birthday. This hammock was large enough that we could hang in it together, and this time, we really did nap. We chose an afternoon on Parksville’s Little Mountain to hang. If you bring a few snacks and a drink, it is the perfect little date. Not to mention, these hammocks are super light transportable and can be brought along on any adventure, whether it’s camping, hiking or a road trip.

Our Double Hammock: Amazon Double Hammock

Tip: Spend the extra money and get a hammock with the loop tree straps. This makes set up much faster and convenient.