Sticking to My Truth

Wow… It has been a long time since I wrote on here.

Yes, I have been busy but my blogging absence has mainly been due to a realization that my words might travel farther and mean more than I had originally thought. When I first started this blog, I was doing it for myself. I never really expected for anyone to read it or for anyone to take anything from my words. Back in September one of my posts was shared on a weekly inspiration roundup targeted to women. Believe me, I was shocked but honoured. It meant people were obviously getting something out of my words. At 20 years old, when I am still trying to figure so much out, this seemed crazy to me. As time went on, anytime I tried to start writing I stopped because I wanted to make sure whatever I was writing had an impact. However, I originally “inspired” just writing from the heart and just letting my thoughts flow. After all… the name of this blog is Honestly Alexis.

Today, most people my age are looking for some form of media attention. We dress ourselves up just for a photo and go places just to tag the location on Instagram to gain followers and likes. That’s not ever what I wanted this blog to be. I wanted it to be real and honest and reflect my feelings and values. I don’t want to write what will get approval from others, I want to write what reflects my truth.

Therefore, I learned how important it is to stay true to yourself when the world is constantly morphing to fit the mold of perfection. Now, if that’s not a little inspiring, I don’t know what is.

I see a lot more posts in my future; maybe inspiring ones, maybe lame ones, but ones that I am proud of.

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